How to eat standard sushi not everyone knows

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Sushi is a popular Japanese dish, loved by the whole world, including Vietnam. The beautiful, small pieces of sushi make everyone think that eating them is simple, but in reality, not everyone knows how to eat sushi properly. Let's check with Tung sushi to see if we have eaten standard sushi!


1. Eat right

When entering a sushi restaurant, the waiter will provide you with a hot or cold towel (Oshibori) to wipe your hands clean. This is a great thing that Japanese restaurants have, as if they want to remind us that "if you want to eat well, you must be clean"!

Eat sushi in order

To keep the politeness as well as the aesthetics of the dish, Japanese people often eat sushi in order from outside to inside. Eat sushi with fish in light to dark colors to fully enjoy the flavors of different types of fish. Fish with a strong color and strong flavor should be eaten last to avoid affecting the flavor of other dishes. After each variety, eat a slice of pickled ginger so that the sushi flavors don't mix.

There are two ways to eat sushi, that is using chopsticks and using your hands

Eat sushi with chopsticks

- The most standard type of chopsticks to eat sushi is made of wood, not polished, so it often looks rough. A pair of chopsticks must stick two together, when eating, diners separate them.


- Place the piece of sushi horizontally, use chopsticks in the middle and then pick it up.


- When enjoying sushi, do not use chopsticks to pick up food for others, but give the plate of food for them to pick up by themselves. Or if you are sharing food, don't forget to flip the tip of your chopsticks when picking up their food to show respect for that person.

Put your chopsticks on the chopsticks shelf and place them parallel to the sushi tray so everyone knows you're done.


Eat sushi with your hands

- For types of sushi on the top decorated with fish and shrimp, you first use your thumb and middle finger to hold, the index finger is placed on the body of the piece of Sushi.

- Should let the fish touch the tip of the tongue first so that you can feel the full flavor of the dish.


Dot sushi properly

Many people have the habit of dipping the rice portion of sushi into the dipping sauce, but this is not the right way to eat it because the rice will be salty. To eat sushi properly, we have to turn the sushi upside down and dip the fish into the sauce. This way, the flavor of the sushi is preserved without the raw ingredients being fishy.




A piece of sushi must be eaten all at once

The piece of sushi must be eaten neatly in the mouth in one sitting because that will create a sense of harmony and full flavor of this dish. Never take a bite and then put it back on the plate as it shows impolite to the Japanese.

Some good tips when eating sushi

Do not smoke while enjoying sushi, because the smoke will lose the sweetness of the fish. Close your eyes when eating sushi to feel the salty taste of salt, the sour taste of vinegar, and the sweet crunch of fresh seafood, besides the pungent taste of wasabi and the sweet taste of rice.

2. Use wasabi (mustard) properly

Many people have a habit of putting a lot of wasabi in soy sauce and then dipping it with sushi. However, the Japanese do not eat like that, the correct way to eat is to use chopsticks to spread a little wasabi on the filling. Eat slowly and increase the amount of wasabi until it feels right.



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