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Impressed with 13 unique sushi dishes in Japan

Japan is a country famous for its beautiful landscapes and traditional dishes. In terms of cuisine, sushi is an indispensable dish when traveling to Japan. Not only is the dish delicious and rich in nutrients, but it is also presented beautifully. Let's explore 13 types of sushi that must be tried when coming to Japan right below!  

How to eat standard sushi not everyone knows

Sushi is a popular Japanese dish, loved by the whole world, including Vietnam. The beautiful, small pieces of sushi make everyone think that eating them is simple, but in reality, not everyone knows how to eat sushi properly. Let's check with Tung sushi to see if we have eaten standard sushi!  

Bringing flavors from the Hokkaido Islands to Tung Sushi

The Hokkaido Islands are not only famous for their scenery and nature, but also a culinary paradise for diners, especially sea food.